Tasting Room Policies

Last Revised May 26, 2022

Child/Children Policy

Beginning April 26, 2022 Triassic Vineyards ownership & staff ask that guests with children, visiting the tasting room and surrounding property, observe the following policy for the safety, well being & enjoyment of all guests. Well behaved children are always welcome at Triassic Vineyards. We simply ask the parents and/or guardians of these children to make sure they are closely attended to at all times by a responsible adult at least 18 years of age. This includes inside the tasting room, on or around the patio, in or around the dirt, gravel and grass areas outside.

Additional policies pertaining to minors

  • Anyone under the age of 21 cannot drink or handle alcoholic beverages, even when accompanied by parents.
  • Our staff reserves the right to ask families to find a new venue for entertainment at any time the level of minor supervision does not meet our policy standards.
  • As a small business that serves alcohol to a wide demographic range over 21 years of age, it is important the property is not treated like a playground. It was not designed for such use, nor is it the atmosphere we intend to encourage. When you have children with you, please be sure to bring quiet activities to occupy their attention, as the tables, chairs, rocks & planted vines outside are not meant for this purpose. 

Additional policies for all guests

Our vineyard is off limits to all guests unless given authorization by Triassic Vineyards Staff.

Due to seasonal activity pertaining to vine growth, maintenance & harvest & seasonal activity of surrounding wildlife (bees, wasps, snakes, etc.) it is important our guests observe this policy for themselves and the children accompanying them while they visit. The health & safety risks being assumed by staff & our vineyard workers are done so after being fully trained regarding wildlife & all mechanical tooling or chemical agents required to properly maintain a vineyard.