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The Legacy of the Triassic Period

The Triassic Geologic Period, the true “dawn of the dinosaurs”, dates from about 240 million to 205 million years ago.

During the Triassic Period, a large shallow ocean covered parts of California, where some 4,000 feet of marine sediments accumulated as that seaway began to subside. Over millions of years that marine sediment was buried under later deposits and then enveloped in the intruding granite magma boiling up to the earth’s surface. These uplifted molten masses became our Tehachapi Mountains as they hardened to rock from exposure to extreme heat and pressure.

Today, most of those ancient rocks have been washed away by erosion and time, but the barren ridges north and east of the vineyard remain as survivors of that period. Our vineyards are situated on a gradual slope below an isolated ridge of those Triassic formations, and our rocky soil is rich and truly unique as a result. Our vineyard name and our signature red blend, Triassic Rocks, pay special tribute to the Legacy of the Triassic Period.


Jim and Sally Arnold


7.1 acres | > 6000 vines
3.1 acres (44%) Zinfandel | 2.9 acres (41%) Viognier | 1.1 acres (15%) Syrah

The remaining acres on the vineyard are planned to be planted soon.  Triassic will have 11 acres of productive vineyard, with approx. 908 vines per acre, or roughly 9988 vines.