Our story is truly one supported by our family, friends and local community.  This page is dedicated to all of the people along the way that helped get us to this point and continue to help us share our passion with the world.

Early Days

Chuck McCollough Founder. The man we couldn’t thank enough for having the vision and determination to see Triassic through all of the earliest stages of becoming what we are today. His passion for these soils from when they were nothing but open fields to today, acres and acres of award winning wine grapes. N/A
The Greater Tehachapi Community Too many ways to count but perhaps the most significant ones on the list might be: Genuine & ongoing support, the crowd of volunteers at the initial planting of our vines, the regular promotion of events and vineyard news, the seemingly never-ending good will. We love you all! N/A
Early Staff & Contractors We would certainly forget a name if we tried to name each and every one, so instead, to the dedicated people involved from the very beginning, we thank you for investing your time, money, blood, sweat and tears into Triassic. Our ability to mature this vineyard into the future would not have been possible to this degree, if it weren’t for you all. Thank You! N/A

Our Vines, Harvest & Wines

Pulchella Winery They say it’s all about ‘who you know’ – well in this case we couldn’t agree more. We are blessed to know and have the help of Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper, founders of Pulchella Winery in Santa Clarita.

This Website

Kyle & Samara Hart, Pixsym LLC Website Design and Development, Marketing

Our Photography

Susan Burt Photography & Design Events, Planting, Landscape, Tasting Room, etc.
Nick Smirnoff Photography Wine Club Events, Bottling
Mountain High Imaging Aerial Drone Photo & Video of Vineyard and Tasting Room
Sally Arnold Atmosphere at the change of Seasons and during events N/A