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Come discover our scenic wine-tasting room and vineyards nestled deep in the Tehachapi Mountains! We’re a short 45 minute drive up from Bakersfield or the Palmdale-Lancaster area, tucked into the most beautiful golden, rolling foothills. We’re uniquely blessed with four distinct seasons, each with its own spice & flavor.

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Award Winning Wines


Best of Class Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2016 “Big Bang” Blend Best of Class San Francisco Chronicle

Double Gold Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2012 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2016 “Triassic Rocks” Blend Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Gold Award

means Wine of Exceptional Quality and Attributes
2015 Syrah (93 Points) Gold Los Angeles International
2015 Syrah Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Silver Award

means Wine of Superior Quality and Attributes
2010 "Primordial" Blend Silver Los Angeles International
2013 Syrah Silver Los Angeles International
2014 "Big Bang" Silver Los Angeles International
2014 Syrah Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2014 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Los Angeles International
2015 "Big Bang" Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Viognier Silver Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2018 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle

Bronze Award

means Wine of Notable Quality and Attributes
2013 Zinfandel Bronze Los Angeles International
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Bronze Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze Los Angeles International
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier ~ Lot#2 Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 "Legacy" Blend Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Syrah Bronze San Francisco Chronicle

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Triassic Vineyards

Fall • Issue 2 • November 2020

Online Newsletter


Jim & Sally Arnold


Dear friends,
Sally and I are so grateful for the encouragement, patronage and support of our friends, family and community. There is so much to be grateful for. We wish you and your family a blessed holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to your health!

Jim and Sally



Almighty and gracious Father we give you thanks for the fruits of the earth in their season and the labors of those who harvest them

The 2020 harvest was bountiful, indeed! In fact, the total yield of all varietals was just over 30 tons. A record for us. Thankfully, the warm weather late in October enabled the grapes to achieve the desired Brix of 25. The grapes were harvested and immediately transported to the winemakers at Pulchella Winery in Santa Clarita where the transformation from fruit to wine has now begun.

So much of growing is dependent on forces beyond our control. We are often at the mercy of mother nature even though we try to control those forces as best we can. We are constantly studying, testing and seeking expert advice. We utilize technology to produce our award winning wines. 2020 was truly a good year. Our cup runneth over!




From Our Vines to Your Glass...

Wine & Dine

11/13 SalisburySteak, Mashed Potatoes, Salad, Mixed Veggies Blonde Mustard
11/14 Pork Chop Lemon Basil Cream sauce, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli, Mixed Salad Blonde Mustard
11/20 Cream Herb Chicken, Lemon Orzo with Parmesan, Peasand and Carrots, Garden Salad Pat Strong Trio
11/27 Spinach Stuffed Manicotti, Mixed Veggies, Garlic Bread, Salad Bumpy Worthington
11/28 Ham, Mashed & Sweet Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Stuffing, Garden Salad Mixed Vegetables, Garden Salad TBA

Dinner $17 + tax
Dessert $5

Reservations Call
661-822-5341 ext. 1

Wine Club Pickup Starts
November 21

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The Road to Becoming Wine
From Vine to Wine

Great grapes are just the beginning in creating great wines. The process of vinification starts with de-steming, crushing and then allowing the juice and must (skins, seeds, etc) to begin the initial fermentation. Yeasts, naturally occurring and added, start to convert sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide. This first fermentation lasts about 14 days.

Secondary Fermentation

Like diamonds, wine is judged by certain characteristics. They are known as the five "S's". See, Swirl, Sniff, Sip and Savor. The sense of taste is complex and consists in the ability to discern sweetness, acidity, tannin, as well as mouth feel. The wine maker seeks to create a symphony of these unique characteristics, emphasizing some and balancing others.

Enter the Good Guys

To create a softer, rounder creamier style, our winemakers inject a bacteria to the immature wine. Oenoccous Oeni is a bacteria that  converts the tart Malic Acid in wine to the softer Lactic Acid, the same acid that is contained in milk. The bacteria releases an Impact Compound, Diacetyl, that tames the acidity and creates a rounder mouthfeel.

The secondary fermentation lasts 1-3 months as the wine is regularly monitored.


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San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Awards

Best of Class 1
Double Gold 3
Gold 3
Silver 12
Bronze 4

Wine Club Pickup Starts
November 21

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