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Come discover our scenic wine-tasting room and vineyards nestled deep in the Tehachapi Mountains! We’re a short 45 minute drive up from Bakersfield or the Palmdale-Lancaster area, tucked into the most beautiful golden, rolling foothills. We’re uniquely blessed with four distinct seasons, each with its own spice & flavor.

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Award Winning Wines


Many of our awards come from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (SFCWC), which has grown to become one of the world’s most respected and highly publicized wine competitions for North American wines, with over 7,000 entries judged yearly.

Best of Class Award

means... Gold Medal wines from each flight are tasted the next day to award 'Best of Class.'
2016 “Big Bang” Blend SFCWC

Double Gold Award

means... a wine that receives a gold medal vote from Every Judge
2012 Zinfandel SFCWC
2015 Zinfandel SFCWC
2016 “Triassic Rocks” Blend SFCWC
2018 Big Bang (95 Points) OCFWC '21

Gold Award

means... Wine of Exceptional Quality and Attributes
2015 Syrah (93 Points) LAIWC
2015 Syrah SFCWC
2017 Syrah SFCWC '21
NV "Big Bang" Blend SFCWC '21
2018 Tempranillo (92 Points) OCFWC '21

Silver Award

means... Wine of Superior Quality and Attributes
2010 "Primordial" Blend LAIWC
2013 Syrah LAIWC
2014 "Big Bang" Blend LAIWC
2014 Syrah SFCWC
2014 Zinfandel SFCWC
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon LAIWC
2015 "Big Bang" Blend SFCWC
2015 Viognier LAIWC
2016 Viognier SFCWC
2016 Zinfandel SFCWC
2017 Viognier SFCWC
2018 Viognier SFCWC
2019 Viognier SFCWC '21
2019 Viognier - Oaked SFCWC '21
NV "Legacy" Blend SFCWC '21
2018 Syrah OCFWC '21
2018 Zinfandel OCFWC '21

Bronze Award

means... Wine of Notable Quality and Attributes
2013 Zinfandel LAIWC
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon LAIWC
2016 Viognier SFCWC
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Blend LAIWC
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Blend SFCWC
2017 Viognier ~ Lot#2 SFCWC
2016 "Legacy" Blend SFCWC
2016 Syrah SFCWC
2019 Viognier - Semi-Sweet SFCWC '21
NV "Triassic Rocks" Blend SFCWC '21

SFCWC = San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
LAIWC = Los Angeles International Wine Competition

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Triassic Vineyards

Issue 10 • July 2021

Online Newsletter

Come for the wine, stay for the view.
Come for the wine, stay for the view.
Greetings Friends

Happy Independence Day!

It might be sizzling out there but we invite you to come relax in the tasting room and enjoy a nice glass of Triassic wine. We'll be bottling our Viognier, Legacy, Triassic Rocks and Zinfandel this month at Pulchella Winery in Santa Clarita.

And there is always lots going on here at Triassic, including our Summer Concert Series. Come out and see us! Happy Birthday, America!!

Here's to you! 🍷

Jim and Sally Arnold

Eric Genuis:  Improving Brand Identity & Creating Fund Raising O
July 23, 7-9pm w/

Eric Genuis

Eric Genuis is an acclaimed composer, virtuoso pianist, and inspirational speaker. Eric Genuis’ mission is to perform uplifting, original content concerts for the forgotten, the disenfranchised and those who have lost hope, typically people who are imprisoned, addicted, homeless and who are generally committed to institutions, including death row in prisons.

Concerts for Hope

Funding Eric's Mission

Eric performs paid concerts and solicits contributions that fund concerts in: Prisons • Rehab Centers • Terminally Ill Facilities • Safe Houses for the Abused • Special Education Centers • Schools, Especially Inner-City Locations • Hospitals • Homeless Centers • Nursing Homes • Memory Care Facilities

Donations Accepted 

'Concerts for Hope,' a 501c3 registered non-profit organization

Join us for a wonderfully educational wine event

Wine Seminar July 25, 3-5pm w/

Mike Stepanovich

Mike Stepanovich, renowned wine aficionado, will conduct a vertical tasting of Triassic's Viognier including years 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014. Mike will highlight the differences from year to year and describe the flavor nuances of each vintage.

Mike has spent more than 35 years as a wine journalist, wine judge, wine educator and wine maker.

$50 per person Reservations required
Limited Seating (30) call 661-822-5341 Ext. #1

2021 Competition Winners

Orange County Wine Society

Double Gold - 2018 Big Bang

Gold - 2018 Tempranillo

Silver - 2018 Syrah

Silver - 2018 Zinfandel


Triassic Period 240-205 Million years ago

Come out and meet Dino, the newest addition to the Triassic family. Have a glass of wine and share your pics on Instagram and Facebook.

2021 Wine Competition Awards


Big Bang Blend
2017 Syrah


Legacy Blend
2019 Viognier
2019 Viognier - Oaked


Triassic Rocks Blend
2019 Viognier - Semi-Sweet

The Home Gourmet Presents:

Red, White & Blue Burger with Big Bang!!

Continue celebrating with this wonderful recipe throughout the month of July.

2018 Big Bang Pairing

BIG BANG, A robust blend that explodes with flavor, enhances the cool earthiness of Blue Cheese dressing. Blue cheese dressing is made with sour cream and mayonnaise, thin with milk. Salt and pepper to taste. Use a high quality ground beef like Wagyu or Kobe. Grill to your desired degree of doneness. Add a slice of Pepper Jack cheese to melt over the burger.

Winemaker Tasting Notes:
This newest release of Big Bang is a fruit bomb, coating the glass with deep dusty crimson colors. The nose is dry black cherry, ripe plums, black raspberry preserves, brown sugar, sweet balsamic glaze, and a plethora of baking spices. The palate is seductively smooth with flavors of cranberry, sugar plums and stewed blackberry. The finish is long and strong with spice notes of anise, cinnamon, clove, wet tobacco and black pepper.
Varietal: 67% 2016 Zinfandel / 33% 2017 Petite Syrah


DIY Home Gourmet Recipe


Bacon Jam 

1 lb. thick cut bacon, 2 tbsp. brown sugar, 2 tbsp. Balsamic vinegar glaze, 2 tbsp. maple syrup, crushed red pepper to taste. Fry bacon until crisp. Drain drippings, reserve 2 tbsp. Combine other ingredients off the heat, crumble bacon into small bits and combine. Bacon Jam should be syrupy.


Build your Burger

starting with a brioche bun. Lettuce below helps to keep the bun from getting soggy. Layer-up, topping with Bacon Jam and Blue Cheese Dressing.


Happy 4th!

The Red, White and Blue Burger is served with blue corn tortilla chips and salsa roja and of course, a glass of our 2018 Big Bang ! Celebrate !


Around the Vineyard

Viognier Grapes

Winemaker Tasting Notes:
Golden yellow with a hint of soft green grass. Absolutely stunning nose: ripe mango, white peach, nectarine and apricots that lead to floral notes of orange blossoms and jasmine, with a touch of graphite. Palate is soft and round with texture of tropical fruit puree, subtle acidity mid-palate before finish of citrus peels and stone fruit.


Triassic Vineyards

24627 Cummings Valley Rd.
Tehachapi, CA 93561

Tasting Room Phone:
(661) 822-5341
Open FRI, SAT and SUN


Planning a Special Event?

Wedding, Family Reunion, Retirement or whatever kind of event you might be thinking of, we can provide you with a unique venue to host your special affair. Give us a call to discuss the details and possibilities.
Call 661-822-5341
7/2 Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Peas and carrots, Salad, DessertNATE ANTWINE
7/3 Chicken Caprese Pesto Pasta, Zucchini Tart, Salad, DessertALEX GRIGGS
7/9 Beef Stroganoff, Egg Noodles, Red Cabbage, Salad, DessertTOM CARLSON
7/10 Cilantro Lime Chicken, Rice, Mango Salsa, Mixed Veggies, Salad, DessertBEAR MOUNTAIN BOYS
7/16 Shredded Beef Enchiladas, Cheese Stuffed Peppers, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Chips and Salsa, DessertCODY CATES
7/23 Mediterranean Meatballs Over Rice with Tzatziki, Hummus, Cauliflower, Pita Bread, Salad, DessertBLONDE MUSTARD
7/24 Southwest Chicken Salad (Corn, Black Beans, Jicama Sticks, Grilled Onions, Zucchini, Avocado, Lime, Sprinkled with Cotija Cheese, Pepitas, Tortilla Chips) on a bed of Lettuce, Jalapeno Cilantro Dressing, DessertTOM CARLSON
7/30 Caprese Salad with Chicken (Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, Onions, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Balsamic Glaze on a bed of Lettuce, Garlic Bread, DessertMICHAEL JAMES WENNINGER
7/31 Antipasta Salad )Italian Dry Salami, Provolone Cheese, Tomatoes, Onions, Pepperoncini, Olives) Italian Dressing, Garlic Bread, DessertGUITAR TED VITALALIE

Wine & Dine

Fridays & Saturdays in July 2021

Dinner by Moessner Farm Cafe
Dinner $25 • Dessert $5 • 1 Glass of wine minimum purchase
Reservations Required - Call (661) 822-5341 Ext#1

Fulco Flier 2
DateSummer Concert Series Music Artist(s)
7/17The Fulcos
8/21The Bobby O Band
9/4The Mean Gene Band
Music from 4-8
$10 Cover Charge Food to purchase from Food Trucks

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