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Come discover our scenic wine-tasting room and vineyards nestled deep in the Tehachapi Mountains! We’re a short 45 minute drive up from Bakersfield or the Palmdale-Lancaster area, tucked into the most beautiful golden, rolling foothills. We’re uniquely blessed with four distinct seasons, each with its own spice & flavor.

Award Winning Wines


Best of Class Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2016 “Big Bang” Blend Best of Class San Francisco Chronicle

Double Gold Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2012 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2016 “Triassic Rocks” Blend Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Gold Award

means Wine of Exceptional Quality and Attributes
2015 Syrah (93 Points) Gold Los Angeles International
2015 Syrah Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Silver Award

means Wine of Superior Quality and Attributes
2010 "Primordial" Blend Silver Los Angeles International
2013 Syrah Silver Los Angeles International
2014 "Big Bang" Silver Los Angeles International
2014 Syrah Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2014 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Los Angeles International
2015 "Big Bang" Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Viognier Silver Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2018 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle

Bronze Award

means Wine of Notable Quality and Attributes
2013 Zinfandel Bronze Los Angeles International
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Bronze Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze Los Angeles International
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier ~ Lot#2 Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 "Legacy" Blend Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Syrah Bronze San Francisco Chronicle

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What’s the best way to make sure you always have a bottle of your favorite Triassic wine on hand? Why, join the wine club, of course!

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Joining the wine club is not only fun, it saves you money!  Three times a year, Triassic Vineyards provides a mix of our outstanding wines for  wine club members at a 20% discount from the Tasting Room price.

Triassic Vineyards Events Calendar

At the Tasting Room

We host events right at the tasting room on a regular basis. Food Nite Friday’s are a great example of this.

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Have an event you’d like to see Triassic attend, or wanting to see which event we’ll be attending soon?


Come for an event, a tasting, or relax while enjoying a glass or bottle of our unique wines. There are plenty of memories waiting to be made. Triassic Vineyards, the wine-tasting room with a view…we’re here for YOU!

Triassic Vineyards

Fall • Issue 1 • October 2020

Online Newsletter


Jim & Sally Arnold


Hello friends,

It's been quite a year for all of us, hasn't it? We want you to know how grateful we are for your continued support and patronage. You've become family to us and families stick together. It is our joy to continue to make great wine and share it with our friends, neighbors and wine aficionados, near and far. Thank you !

Here's to your health!

Jim and Sally

From Our Vines to Your Glass...


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Awards

Best of Class 1
Double Gold 3
Gold 3
Silver 12
Bronze 4


Harvest time is the culmination of a year's effort that includes the blood, sweat, tears and vision of a team of farmers, vineyard managers, winemakers, soil scientists, pickers, truckers, and numerous others.

While it is a time of celebration, the real work and art of wine-making is just beginning. Immediately after picking, the grapes are rushed to the hands of winemakers of Pulchella Winery in Santa Clarita where the magic and alchemy of talented winemakers, Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper, transform grape juice into award-winning wines.

The 2020 Viognier vintage will evolve over a year in stainless steel tanks while the 2020 red varietals, primarily Zinfandel and Syrah, will be released in 2022 or 2023. The reds are continually monitored, barrel-tasted and tested as they age in a combination of new and seasoned oak barrels.

Newsletter Continued

Hitting the brix


Chemistry in the Field

Timing is everything in life, isn't it?

Pinpointing the optimal date for harvest is crucial in maximizing the target alcohol content in winemaking. The determination of wine quality starts with a measurement known as Brix (°Bx) which measures the sugar content of grape juice prior to vinification.

Triassic winemakers believe that in order to achieve the unique qualities inherent in Triassic grapes, requires them to ripen to a Brix of 25. Brix measures the sugar level of the grape juice which correlates directly to alcohol level when converted during the winemaking process. The alcohol content of Triassic wines range from the 15.8% for our 2016 Big Bang to 11.5% for Sparkling Almond Champagne. Brix numbers are measured by an instrument known as a refractometer.

The sugar level of grapes still on the vine typically increases by one Brix every week approaching the harvest. Brix (°Bx) is a unit of measure that has been traditionally used in winemaking.

20 11.5
21 12.2
22 12.9
23 13.6
24 14.4
25 15.1
26 15.9

Jim measuring the Brix


Wine Club

Are you a member yet? Our wine club is a great way to insure there is always a bottle of Triassic wine at the ready for a simple dinner at home, a hostess gift or any occasion at all? Members enjoy a 20% discount from the Tasting Room prices and receive additional savings on Triassic events. It's fun and free to join. Three times a year club members receive an assortment of Triassic wines. Sign up today!

Wine & Dine

10/23 Swedish Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes Braised Red Cabbage, Mixed Green salad Bear Mountain Boys
10/24 Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles, Green Beans, Garlic Bread, Garden Salad Blonde Mustard
10/30 Chicken Cordon Bleu with Creamy Parmesan Dijon Sauce, Garlic Herb Rice, Garden Salad Bone Shakers
10/31 Stuffed Bell Peppers, Buttered Noodles, Mixed Vegetables, Garden Salad Bone Shakers

Dinner $17 + tax
Dessert $5

Reservations Call
661-822-5341 ext. 1

Wine Club Pickup Starts
November 22nd

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(661) 822-5341
Open FRI, SAT and SUN