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Come discover our scenic wine-tasting room and vineyards nestled deep in the Tehachapi Mountains! We’re a short 45 minute drive up from Bakersfield or the Palmdale-Lancaster area, tucked into the most beautiful golden, rolling foothills. We’re uniquely blessed with four distinct seasons, each with its own spice & flavor.

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Award Winning Wines


Best of Class Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2016 “Big Bang” Blend Best of Class San Francisco Chronicle

Double Gold Award

means Every Judge declares wine to be Gold Class
2012 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Zinfandel Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle
2016 “Triassic Rocks” Blend Dbl Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Gold Award

means Wine of Exceptional Quality and Attributes
2015 Syrah (93 Points) Gold Los Angeles International
2015 Syrah Gold San Francisco Chronicle

Silver Award

means Wine of Superior Quality and Attributes
2010 "Primordial" Blend Silver Los Angeles International
2013 Syrah Silver Los Angeles International
2014 "Big Bang" Silver Los Angeles International
2014 Syrah Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2014 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Los Angeles International
2015 "Big Bang" Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2015 Viognier Silver Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Zinfandel Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle
2018 Viognier Silver San Francisco Chronicle

Bronze Award

means Wine of Notable Quality and Attributes
2013 Zinfandel Bronze Los Angeles International
2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Bronze Los Angeles International
2016 Viognier Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze Los Angeles International
2015 "Triassic Rocks" Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2017 Viognier ~ Lot#2 Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 "Legacy" Blend Bronze San Francisco Chronicle
2016 Syrah Bronze San Francisco Chronicle

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Triassic Vineyards

Winter • Issue 3 • December 2020

Online Newsletter

Seasons Greetings

Jim & Sally Arnold


Merry Christmas!

It's been quite a year but we've made it! Everyone of us struggled in their own way. At Triassic we were able to adapt to the many ever changing challenges with outdoor seating and the support of our loyal wine club members. Thank you all!

From all of us at Triassic, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jim and Sally


Have you ever yearned for something so bad and dreamed about it for years and years? You kept hoping and hoping...then your wish finally came true!

Well, Christmas came early this year. After many years of exhausted effort by many individuals, Tehachapi wine growers have their own AVA designated appellation. We gleefully announce Tehachapi Mountains AVA (American Viticultural Area.) As of January 2021, Tehachapi vintners may use the new AVA on their labels.

There are 250 AVAs in the United States and 140 in California. Now there is one more, Tehachapi Mountains.

Many thanks to Julie Bell and Representative Kevin McCarthy.



Celebrate the Season!

Stuck on gift ideas for friends, business associates or family? Why not give a Triassic gift basket? We can completely customize a festive gift basket with our award winning wines, wine glasses and other Triassic merchandise. The perfect gift for all your wine loving friends!

It's a party waiting to happen !


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Newsletter Continued

Barrel Time


How does wine develop a distinctive taste ?How do wine makers achieve certain taste characteristics or styles from simple grape juice?

Barrel fermentation can have a significant effect on the final wine product. Most often oak barrels made of American oak, created by makers called coopers, are instrument in imparting flavor and subtlety to young wine. Wine in oak barrels allows oxygenation to occur which results in softening of tannins and smoother taste.

Also, chemical compounds called phenols present in the wood, impart other flavors like vanilla, smoke , caramel, spice, woodiness, etc.

A typical wine barrel holds about 59 gallons of wine. In addition to all the chemical activity occurring during fermentation,  the wine will concentrate by evaporation, losing as much as 10% by volume of water and alcohol. Flavors and aromas will deepen and intensify. Wine makers will monitor and barrel taste during this time, making adjustments as required. This is the art of the


Wine Club


Our Gift to Our Wine Club Members


To show our appreciation we would like to give our Wine Club members a box of assorted chocolate truffles that are to be enjoyed when paired with specific varieties of our wines. These elegant confections were created by renowned chocolatier, Vladamir Litt of Santa Clarita. What could be better... wine and chocolates!!

Please stop by the tasting room during normal business hours to receive our special gift exclusively for Wine Club members.

It was a beautiful day in November and Triassic Wine Club members enjoyed wine, weather and friends, both two legged and four! Such a fun way to learn about wine and enjoy a great taste experience.

If you'd be interested in joining other wine friends, consider joining our club. It's free to join and loads of fun!!

Call the Tasting Room or visit for details. (661) 822-5341